Phoenix Pest Control

Phoenix is home to not only numberless of roaches but also home to Norway rats, earwigs, scorpions, black widows, bed bugs, etc. Because of the dry climate, these pests live all year, thriving and carrying many diseases into thousands of homes.Phoenix pest Control

When homeowners have a pest problem, they should hire a professional exterminator. The Phoenix Pest Control Company wants homeowners to be aware of the following:

Daily cleaning won’t get rid of pests. Homeowners believe that the best way to control pests is to keep their kitchen clean, taking out the garbage every night, and not leaving dirty dishes in the sink until the next morning will prevent pests from coming into their homes. It is true that a clean house will not be infested with cockroaches; it is not true that the rest of the house will be pest free. For example, cockroaches, and many other insects or pests, like to hide in cracks or in vents, making a difficult task to find their nests.

Bug bombs or bug sprays don’t work. Homeowners believe that any airborne pesticide will kill existing pests. The fog from bug bombs, or using the wrong bug spray, will make the pests retreat further into walls, furniture, or vents, where homeowners will never be able to treat the infestation problem effectively.

Also, the use of bug bombs can be dangerous. The aerosol propellants being used to make bug bombs is flammable; there is a serious risk of fire if the product is not handled with care.

Houses, whether new or old, located near mountains or construction areas make good candidates for infestations of scorpions and other pests. The most common way, in which many homes become infested, in Phoenix, is through emigration of existing colonies of pests in the area. For example, scorpions will find a new home if they are disturbed, as often happens during the construction of new houses. With the enormous number of new homes going up in Arizona especially in Gilbert, their is a high risk of scorpions invading your front yard, inside your house, and your back yard where your kids play. For emergency pest control we recommend   finding a local pest control Gilbert AZ company. If you live in Gilbert and use a Gilbert AZ pest control company they are quick to respond and will be to your house within the hour. same goes with pest control in mesa AZ as well.